Welcome to your English level test - Pre-intermediate

Name Business Email Phone Number

- Would you mind changing our appointment?

- ______ time on Saturday is fine.

When I was a child, I ______ to climb the wall and jump into my grandparents’ garden.

He had flu and it took him a long time to ______ over it.

______ out! There is a car coming.

I am ______ . Everyone I ask about it tells me something different.

I was out shopping when I remembered I ______ supposed to call my friend about going out that evening.

Our environment is in trouble, Modern ways of living and today’s industries are ______ it.

Leyla can not ______ why she is having trouble with her new DVD player.

I have got an enormous ______ on my forehead after I walked into a door.

After deciding which pair I liked most, I checked the label to see how much they ______ .

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